The e-4ORCE Ramen Counter was inspired by the new e-4ORCE technology used in the Nissan Ariya.

e-4ORCE is a twin-motor all-wheel control tech innovation. In addition to delivering powerful driving performance, traceability and stability, e-4ORCE reduces front and rear vehicle sway when decelerating to help to reduce potential occupant discomfort.

Operating on a ramen counter top, the e-4ORCE Ramen Counter harnesses this advanced tech to deliver ramen directly to the customer, without spilling a drop!

e-4ORCE combines Nissan electrification technology with all-wheel control and chassis control. This greatly improves driving performance – steering and braking in particular.

The front and rear motors ensure vehicle stability and an exciting, comfortable drive for the driver and passengers. 

Reduces sway
Delivery without spillage

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