The NISSAN IMx, all-electric, fully autonomous concept vehicle embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

The NISSAN IMx is designed to strengthen the link between car and driver as a close, reliable partner that delivers a safer, more convenient and more enjoyable drive. By offering unprecedented enjoyment in motion and the ability to control the vehicle’s drive mode, the NISSAN IMx aims to transform the everyday life of drivers.


Bound to tradition. Driving toward the future.

The car’s exterior expresses Japanese wa(harmony) in motion, exhibiting both the quietness and power of a dynamic EV. The stylish interior, which is designed for the autonomous driving era, embodies classical Japanese sensibility and aesthetics.

160kW × 160kW twin motor 4WD

Two motors add up to powerful acceleration.

The 4WD powertrain comprises two 160 kW motors, one at the front and one at the rear. Quiet yet powerful, the car has agility that one would never expect in a crossover.


Whether driving, or sitting back and relaxing,

it all goes your way.

In ProPILOT Drive Mode (PD Mode), the steering wheel recedes, the seat reclines, and autonomous drive takes over. In Manual Drive Mode (MD Mode), the steering wheel emerges and the car is ready for dynamic driving.

Panoramic curved display

The expansive 360-degree driving experience.

In PD Mode, the panoramic display above the dashboard and the wood-grain instrument panel transform into a state-of-the-art infotainment system. Viewing outside scenery, enjoying music combined with visual images, and communicating with the outside world are among the many activities one can indulge in on the road.


Intuitive control of

every operation.

With slight hand and eye movements, which are detected by ultrasonic sensors on the center console and cameras on the instrument panel, the driver can operate the car. Of course, the driver can take over and drive at any time by switching to MD Mode, but now it is also possible for the driver to smartly operate the car and enjoy conversation with passengers when in PD Mode.

Driverless service with SAM

Driverless service that

connects society.

Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM) is a technology that helps an autonomous-driv- en car know what to do when confronted by an unforeseen situation. By communicating with a command center, which can assess the situation, the car receives instructions on how to handle the situation. Utilizing SAM technology, NISSAN IMx can offer driverless services,  such as transporting a person to the airport and then returning home on its own.

Larger battery capability

Drive without worrying

about recharging.

A newly developed large-capacity battery enables EVs to run up to 700 km (JC08 mode) on a single charge. This range opens the way to sporty driving and touring without the worry of running low on battery power.

AI driving assist

The intelligent drive

contributes to safety.

The latest autonomous drive and connected-car technologies assist the driver, offering peace of mind from improved safety. Sensors assess the movement of nearby cars and road conditions and convey information and operational assistance to the driver as needed to avoid danger.