Drive when you like, Enjoy the freedom to relax. Nissan Intelligent Driving promises you both.

Nissan IDS Concept lets you take the wheel and enjoy the freedom of driving.
At the same time, piloted drive technologies will still improve safety.
AI(Artificial Intelligence), supported by sensors that monitor conditions,
will assist when needed. At any time you can switch and entrust driving to the car.
When you do, the cabin transforms into a space for relaxation.
Better yet, Nissan IDS Concept learns your driving style and
preferences so piloted drive feels just right: smooth and natural.
This is Future Mobility with Nissan Intelligent Driving - the perfect partnership between man and car.

The cabin transforms according to your wishes.

Drive as you like.

You handle all driving operations.

Sit back and relax.

Piloted drive gives you time to relax.

Manual Drive Mode
Piloted Drive Mode

Piloted drive goes far beyond your experience.

AI recognizes the situation, judges possible outcomes, and acts to ensure your safety and comfort.

AI for Nissan IDS Concept knows traffic rules, reads road signs, and understands road and traffic conditions. Continuously analyzing the driving environment,  it accurately predicts what will occur next and makes decisions that ensure safety, comfort and enjoyment.

Real communication between people and cars.

AI for Nissan IDS Concept learns your driving style, likes and dislikes, and personal needs. Knowing your schedule, it proposes departure times, driving routes and even restaurant options. It all feels like smart communication with a trustworthy partner.

Clear communication with the outside world.

Nissan IDS Concept uses LED to communicate with pedestrians and cyclists. The side body line is actually an Intention Indicator, which signals to people that the car is aware of them. Up front is a display that flashes text messages like “After you” to pedestrians.

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