Search for Vehicles Subject to Recall/KAIZEN TAISAKU/Service Campaigns

You can confirm whether your vehicle is affected by the "Recall, KAIZEN TAISAKU or Service Campaigns".
Please enter the VIN (車台番号: Shadaibango) as listed in the Vehicle Inspection Certificate (車検証: Shakensho) using half-width alphanumeric characters and click the “Search” button to check whether your vehicle is subject to recall etc.

VIN (車台番号)

Input example:
Input example:

If your vehicle is conversion vehicle, the VIN may not have a hyphen.

In this case, please enter the last 6 digits in the right column.

In addition, for the following car models, you may need to enter the last 7 digits.

If you search using 6 digits and the message "No recalls found" is displayed, please search again using the last 7 digits.

*Atlas, Otti, Pino, Clipper

The VIN appears in the following field on the Motor Vehicle Inspection Certificate.

Kei Vehicles

Standard Vehicles

[Please note the following:]

  • -Incorrect entries will not display the correct search results.
  • -This search system displays information on recalls and KAIZEN TAISAKU since March 30, 2001, and service campaigns since January 17, 2003, as search results.
    For recalls and KAIZEN TAISAKU before that date, please contact your Nissan dealer or the Customer Service Center.
  • -Some information that has already been performed on all affected vehicles may not be displayed in the search results.
  • -Search results may not be available on the day of the recall/KAIZEN TAISAKU announcement.
  • -It may take more than 2 weeks after the recall, KAIZEN TAISAKU, or service campaign is implemented to update the information in the search results.
  • -Recall for Forklifts and service parts will not be displayed, so please check the recall/ KAIZEN TAISAKU list.


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