NISSAN The 35th Tokyo Motor Show October 2001
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Oct. 18, 2001
Nissan Revival Plan 2nd Year Update Press Conference
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In an address marking the second anniversary of unveiling the NRP, Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO, announced that the plan is well ahead of schedule and delivering significant profits as promised.
Oct. 23, 2001
Tokyo Motor Show
Preview Press Conference
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Nissan today announced its plans to bring environmentally friendly technologies providing cleaner exhaust emissions and improved fuel efficiency in new vehicles in Japan. The goal of the strategy is to provide quick and concrete benefits to air quality in Japan with future products.
Oct. 24, 2001
Tokyo Motor Show
Press Briefing
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Tokyo -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will present at the upcoming 2001 Tokyo Motor Show an impressive array of concept cars such as the "ideo," an ideal network vehicle, and the "mm," a new standard for compact cars on a scale and diversity unparalleled in the past motor shows. Through these exhibits, the company will strongly emphasize Nissan's creative and distinctive way of making motor vehicles and its corporate posture of boldly yet thoughtfully undertaking challenges.
Oct. 25, 2001
1st half for FY01 Financial Results Preview Press Conference
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In an international analyst conference organized during the 35th International Tokyo Motor Show, Carlos Ghosn reviewed details behind the record half-year consolidated operating profit of 187 billion yen announced on October 18.  In his presentation, Ghosn gave further breakdowns and a detailed analysis on the preliminary financial results.
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Oct. 30, 2001
Alliance Press Conference
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In a natural step in the development of their Alliance, Renault and Nissan announced today a plan to accelerate development of the Renault-Nissan bi-national group, in keeping with the principles of the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Equity Participation agreement signed in March 1999 and the Alliance Charter.
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