Communique No. 5 Jun 17, 1995


Four cars had to start from the pits, the no.4 Kremer Porsche, the no.5 McLaren from Giroix Racing, the no.5 Mazda and the no.84 NSX Honda.

At the green light, the two WRs went into the lead with Gonin heading David who was soon passed by the no.13 Courage, and after only three laps David had to stop at his pit to have his windshield secured.

The West Racing McLaren was soon into the top five and passed the Courage C41 driven by Henri Pescarolo who was soon threatened by the Ferrari 33SP of Sigala. These cars swapped places until the Ferrari stopped on the circuit.

Bob WollekÕs double relay allowed him to close the gap to the leading WR, but into the lead went the West McLaren thanks to a later refuelling stop.

Giroix Racing changed the starter on their car during the first stop while after a good start, the works Venturi of Jean-Marc Gounon was delayed due to a defective hose.The no.47 Honda stopped on the circuit with clutch problem. Among other cars that hit trouble was the Chevrolet Corvette which stopped on the track after only fifteen minutes and took half an hour to return to its pit. The no.8 WR was delayed by transmission problems when it stopped to refuel at its pit.

It began to rain after three quarters of an hour and several of the GTs put on rain tyres when refuelling. It was not the best choice as the rain slackened off after a short time. The West Racing McLaren took advantage of its slicks to go into the lead followed by the Mach One McLaren of the two Bells and Andy Wallace and the first of the Gulf cars, no.24.

The no.37 Porsche of Dupuy-Collard-Ortelli lost a lot of ground because of a bad tyre choice while the second car, no.36, made the right choice and got up to fifth before being delayed for ten minutes during a refuelling stop.