Communique No. 2 Jun 15, 1995


The Stuck-Bouchut-Bouchut Kremer was slowed by handling problems at the start of the session, while the Courage-Porsche C34 set a time that put it on provisional pole. If Pierre-Henri Raphanel was the first driver out on the circuit, Bob Wollk was the first driver to get under the 4 minute barrier. It was not until the middle of the second session that the Kremer car set the second quickest time. The team had accelerator problems and just before the end of the session, Stuck went off on the entry to the first chicane on Les Hunaudieres. In general the drivers found that the track was very dirty.

The Chevrolet-engined C41s were 3 and 8 seconds slower than Wollek. The cars however, were not using the factory engine that will be fitted for the race.

The Buick-engined Norma spent the second session in its pit (broken conrod) after a lap in 4 mn 04 secs which was just a little quicker than the rotor-engined Mazda.

The 3335P Ferrari did very few laps due to gearbox problems and its times were not recorded as it had a deficient rev Iimiter.

In the GT1 category the Brummel Ferraris were slowed by various problems (oil leak on one) while the Team Pilot car set the 15th quickest time in spite of problems linked to a new front spoiler. In general, the McLaren entries were satisfied and no.51 driven by Wallace and Derek Bell and son Justin was quickly into the top 5, but in the second session JJ Letho associated with Dalmas and Sekiya went just under a tenth of a second quicker. Sekiya, the reigning Japanese Touring Car Champion found the car easy to drive. The four fastest McLarens were separated by just 3/10 of a second.

The Dupuy-Ortelli-Collard Porsche got very close to the 4 minute mark. Said Dominique Dupuy, after the prequalifying session, the Porsche engineers went away with a lot of information and modified the car accordingly. From the very start we found it was well-balanced as well as being quicker and more agile than the previous one. A certain optimism reigns in the Larbre Competition camp and today's session will be spent setting up the car for the race.

The works Venturi, no.44, showed promise with a lap in 3 mn 59,74 secs with Jean-Marc Gunon at the wheel. The 2 WRs (the fastest of which was 4th in the first sesion) did not improve. The David-Bouvet-Balandras car had fuel pump problems while the other WR of Gonin-Petit-Rostan did not rev properly. The Honda NSX GT1 showed real promise but the gearbox has difficulty coping with the power of the turbo as it broke on no.47.

The no.75 Callaway Corvette fitted with a sequential gearbox had a trouble-free session but no.76 had a couple of gearbox failures.

The two Chevrolet-engined Marcoses, built by a small constructer (like the Lister) suffered from a lack of power. The Buick-engined Tiga entered by local boy, Sylvan Boulet, was hit by electrical problems and, like the Deborah, stopped on the side of the track for a while.